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South Lamar School is located in Lamar County, Alabama. This  beautiful and spacious campus sits between the towns of Millport and Kennedy. It  boasts one of the largest and best football stadiums in the surrounding areas  including the much larger schools. The 1986 graduates from Millport and Kennedy  schools were the end to an era. Ironically, these students were the first to  attend the state mandated Kindergarten program. Thirteen years later, their  schools would no longer exist separately, but as one. These schools merged to  form the new South Lamar School, and the Class of 1987 became the first  graduates and started another era.

      No longer were there Yellow Jackets from Kennedy High School  or Jr. Tiders from Millport High School, but now only Stallions from South  Lamar. The school colors were chosen by taking one color from each of the  former rival schools. The crimson color came from the crimson and white Millport  Jr. Tide while the gold came from the blue and gold Kennedy Yellow Jackets. For  the first several years of its existence, fans and students struggled with the  strong traditions brought into the mix from each respective school. Although  these schools were combined by force, they merged and changed the traditions of  the past to continue strong traditions far into the future of this school.

      As part of the Lamar County School System, South Lamar is  consolidated on one campus and is comprised of grades K-12. Currently, it is  classified as a 1A school which is much lower than the Class 3A status it held  when formed. This is due in part to the economy in the area. Many jobs have  moved and so to have the students. The enrollment for the 2009-2010 school year  sits just under 600 students, and although the student numbers are decreasing,  the test scores are not which is encouraging. This can be attributed to the  capable and caring faculty. One positive aspect of having a smaller school is  that the teachers know the students and are more than willing to go above and  beyond to help them succeed.

      Many small towns have little entertainment other than Friday  night football or whatever other activity might be happening at the local  school. This tradition has continued as the two schools combined. As it was  when the schools existed separately, South Lamar is a hub for activities  between the towns of Millport and Kennedy. During the first decade or so, you  could clearly see the division of fans skeptical of sitting with the “enemy”  even if they are on the same side. As nearly a quarter of a century has passed,  so has the skepticism and you hear Stallions fans from both towns chanting - We  Are South Lamar!

     The lines have blurred between the separate traditions of  each school as they each brought a strong winning tradition in many sports. Through  the years each sport has had its highs and lows, but the winning attitude has  remained strong in the hearts of athletes and fans. These traditions were combined  by force,  changed for the good of the school, and continued.